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Repost: How To Take Advantage of Your Employer In Subtle But Worthwhile Ways

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Jan. 8th, 2006 | 01:28 pm

I'm a working stiff/wage slave who has had the "pleasure" of working in a variety of career fields in the last ten years. In the ten years since I landed my first job washing dishes at an old folk's home, I have learned just how bad work sucks. So rather than get mad at my employers for my lousy wages, crummy hours and intolerable co-workers, I have perfected ways to maximize your work hour and have eased the pain of workplace angst.

1. Always smile. It makes people wonder what you're
up to. Walk around work with a grin ear-to-ear and
people will flock to you. They'll want to know what
you're so happy about. If you're an especially
melancholy person, this will work twice as well for
you. People will instantly think a) you were given a
raise, b)you're sleeping with the boss, c)
better yet, you're sleeping with the boss's
daughter/son. You'll become an instant celebrity.

2. Never underestimate your worth. When it comes time
for a raise, ask for it. Don't allow your employer to
half-ass an evaluation. If you're doing a good job,
demand credit for it. Shoot for the stars. Find out
what the highest paid person in your department makes
and ask for more. You may not get it but you'll have
bigger balls for asking.

3. Take advantage of whatever your employer has to offer.
Whether it be an employee discount, free coffee,
access to really cool equipment, etc. Free stuff
rules! It also keeps you from having to spend your
hard earned money on stuff you need.

4. Find a way to make your JOB work for you. Maximize
your work hour by getting your personal tasks done.
I work in a call center where things are very
monotonous. There isn't information I don't have
memorized. I can talk to a customer, fix their
issue and clip coupons, write a letter, read a book,
check my email, make crafts, etc. The beauty in
this is that I'm doing my job, getting paid and also
getting my own daily tasks done. The only jobs I
don't recommend doing this are emergency room
nurses/doctors, pilots, tightrope walkers.

5. Sick days, vacation pay, tuition reimbursement, 401k.
If you're lucky enough to have any of the above, by
all means use them! There is no reason a person has
to pay for their education if their employer is will-
ing to pay for it instead. Take a few classes, get
your degree and hightail it out there. Don't forget
to write a thank you letter with your letter of
resignation! My employer offers all of the above and
you better bet your britches, I'm taking advantage of
all of them.

6. Find yourself a business venture on the side and use
your workplace as a way of marketing yourself.
Although most employers frown on outside sales, there
are ways around it. Carry a business card with you
at all times and give it out to potential customers.
Post on your workplace bulletin board, the goods or
services you offer. Never forget to work your own
business into your company's. Their time is YOUR

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Comments {1}

From: brazilian_nuts
Date: Jan. 8th, 2006 09:20 pm (UTC)

great advice!

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