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Happy New Year!!!!

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Jan. 1st, 2006 | 03:30 pm

I have one resolution for 2006. It is quite simply the best one I have ever come up with.

"Do more of the things that bring me joy and less of the
things that don't."

I spent a majority of yesterday lounging around and reading. I devoured an excellent YA book titled Stargirl (Jerry Spinnelli) and have worked my way through the first few chapters of Foxfire (Joyce Carol Oates). I have also managed to nap frequently which my body definitely appreciates.

In celebration of the New Year, I fixed a bag of microwave popcorn (free in the Campus Ladies Screening Kit) and watched Crash all by myself. At midnight, I heard a blast of fireworks and loud shouting. I soon retired to bed after my movie ended.

Today, I took Mrs. Hill to church and read more of Foxfire. I'm thinking about starting a different book. Joyce Carol Oates is hard to follow. Her thoughts aren't complete sentences and she jumps around a lot. I enjoyed the movie Foxfire and thought I would give the book a try. I suppose it isn't worth a person's time to suffer through a book they're not fond of. I think this one will go to PaperBackSwap.

In an effort to curb my spending, I have not gone to the grocery store today. I want to clip the massive mountain of coupons I've been collecting and look at the sales ads before I do so. I can't stand chucking away my money on things I can buy cheaper somewhere else. My last paycheck for the year came Sunday. I made almost $7100 this year which officially makes me "poor" in the eyes of the government. I'll have a nice income tax return which will allow me to save my money earned in Florida.

I'm going to spend the evening catching up on letter writing. Richelle, will you please email me your new address once you get settled? I want to send you a house/room warming gift. If I send your package out tomorrow, you'll have something nice to look forward to from the States. I owe so many people letters and thank you cards for their holiday generosity. If you haven't received one yet, look forward to one soon. By all means, have a wonderful day and the happiest of all years!

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From: assilembob
Date: Jan. 1st, 2006 09:58 pm (UTC)

It took me reading Joyce Carol Oats' material for a semester of a women's lit class and discussing it adnauseam before I could get her. She's difficult but good. I don't think you should keep trying unless you have to. I was that way with Stephen King. All my friends told me I HAD to read it... and I hate his style completely! I finally said what you did...why suffer through just to say I've read it?

Anyhoo - hello and happy new year to you as well!


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From: lilmissdogooder
Date: Jan. 1st, 2006 11:07 pm (UTC)

I have moved on to a more enjoyable read, Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty. Hilarious style of writing, yet YA material again. Maybe I just haven't matured into an "adult" reader yet. I like books and movies I can relate to. McCafferty writes like I think. I like that!

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Re: :)


From: assilembob
Date: Jan. 2nd, 2006 05:01 am (UTC)

nothing wrong with that!

The only "books" I have read recently are geared toward young writers just cause after 15 hour days teaching I can't think enough to do an "adult" book.

lessee - Harry Potter 6, two terry pratchett novels and Wicked are my readings this year...sad I know. I am trying to read a book my sister wants me to read called Goddess but it requires thought.

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From: maci0047
Date: Jan. 2nd, 2006 05:10 pm (UTC)

I really liked Foxfire, but couldn't stand The Tattooed Girl, another book by JCO. She really goes in-depth into her characters and their motivations, but I want more action in her novels and I feel like she's not giving it. If you read more JCO, try her older books. Her new stuff doesn't seem to cut it.

I'll let you know what my new address is when I know what it is, he he. I made it up to Nova Scotia safely and am typing this from my bedroom in my on-campus apartment. However, they failed to tell me my address. I'll have to go talk to the Residence Director.

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