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You Never Outgrow Teen Angst

You Only Get Older

23 July 1977
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"Stomping out injustice with my platforms on!" Imagine this, will you? A non-traditional superhero of sorts. Twenty-something. Female. Addicted to clothes and chocolate. Vegetarian. Animal lovin'. Tree huggin'. Spends her days crusading for equality and free love and still has time to hit the sales racks before falling into bed and getting the eight- to-ten hours of beauty rest she so desperately needs. Has a habit of watching and quoting the same 80s movies over and over again. Requires a step stool to get into every pair of shoes she owns. Thinks Dominique Swain is a goddess. Doesn't mind making enemies as long as its for the good of all mankind. Kind of ironic, those words, man and kind, hmmmm???

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